Michael D. Spryn
Helping design "products which understand people"


Throughout my career, I have developed a strong interest in a user-focused approach to the design of systems and processes. "Take care of the users and they will take care of you." My expertise and passion is to serve the user.

The "gift of observation" is how one co-worker described one of my skills. This includes not only the awareness to recognize existing problems but to anticipate them as well.


My objective is to help you increase sales, lower costs, and improve customer loyalty by providing your customers with a superb user experience.


  • Over 20 years of working with, and serving users
  • Creative, innovative, problem-solver
  • Eclectic background: implementer to manager; technical to sales; finance to defense (former TS clearance)

More about Michael

A book which is a good reflection of my attitude (and one of my favorite books) is "The Design of Everyday Things" by Don Norman. (Doubleday, 1990-03, ISBN: 0385267746, see at Barnes & Noble)

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Last updated January 30, 2009