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My objective is to help you increase sales, lower costs, and improve customer loyalty by utilizing my proven initiative, innovation, and problem-solving skills to provide your customers with a superb user experience.

Summary of Qualifications

Computer Experience Summary

    Environments: Mac OS, UNIX, Windows
Software: FileMaker Pro, Cinema 4D (C4D), Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack Pro, Microsoft Office suite, BBEdit, QuickBooks
Programming: C++, C, HTML, object-oriented, various assembly languages

Professional Experience

Media Specialist Optimax Systems, Inc.
Ontario, NY
Instructional media design - produce training videos and other presentation materials including 2D & 3D animations. Use video to document processes and improve workflow for Lean Manufacturing. Develop and administer databases including HR Management, Training Management, and Document Management Systems (DMS). Maintain intranet web site, contributor for internet site.
Owner Video Memories
Webster, NY
Video production for businesses and individuals. Videos include documentaries, promotions, and special events. Responsibilities include shooting, directing, and editing.
Technical Consultant Aesthetic Education Institute
(now closed)
Rochester, NY
Support for database design (FileMaker Pro), computer system, financial records, and web site.
Usability Engineer (1998-2001) Nortel Networks
(formerly Computer Consoles, Inc., now Volt Delta)
Rochester, NY
  • Managed usability study for a major software product and suggested improvements which were approved by customers and had potential savings of 5% to 30% of users' time. Findings also utilized by other project teams.
  • Provided usability consulting on projects including graphical and audio user interfaces for Personal Digital Assistants, wireless phones, Web sites, and client/server main-frame applications. Teams received commendations for quality of pilot products.
  • Promoted product usability in local division through creation of intranet usability web site and management of in-house user-centered design classes resulting in increased awareness of usability and other interface concepts which received consideration in future projects.
  • Consulted with audio administrative group and provided prototype web interface that was utilized in project and as model for future development.
  • Coordinated usability efforts with other internal usability groups.
  • Created intranet web sites for various projects enabling sharing of project information and data.
  • Managed call-flow design for location-based services project decreasing design period by 50%.
  • Created a vacation-tracking tool used by approximately 200 employees resulting in reduced vacation policy confusion and increased accuracy.
  • Co-managed company-sponsored community project to work with high school students participating in robot competition.
  • Produced stand-alone FileMaker Pro database for FIRST Robotics Competition used by participants across country. FIRST is considering adopting database as the new way to distribute information.

Sr. Software Engineer (1986-1998)
  • Managed test cases, contributed to documentation for Oracle-based directory-assistance system.
  • Successfully led development team in creation of Macintosh-based digital audio editing system. Vocabulary development time cut up to 90% and enabled customers to build their own vocabularies.
  • Performed usability studies with prototypes to increase user satisfaction and developed C++ Macintosh applications.
  • Consulted on a grassroots effort of volunteer employees to produce a Rochester-based intranet web site resulting in improved internal communications and commendations for the group.
  • Selected as subject-matter expert to train and support internal and customer users on Macintosh systems for both proprietary and commercial software applications.
  • Pioneered the use of videotaping to train and develop employee population producing over 80 tapes of in-house technical presentations and received commendation for innovation and perseverance.
  • Trained modules of a company-wide Total Quality Management (TQM) class and received commendation for successful delivery.

Engineering Specialist (1982-1985)

Led software team in creation of smart terminal embedded and downloadable software. Coordinated design with out-of-state application developers. Software completed ahead of schedule, with high quality, and was adopted as foundation for other products.

Programmer, Scientific Sperry Univac, DSD
(became Unisys then Lockheed Martin)
Minneapolis, MN
  • Designed/implemented new user interface for navy computer using real-time embedded object-oriented code.
  • Designed/developed new user interface and firmware for military intelligence terminal.
  • Developed pipeline-style software for real-time I/O controller.
  • Firmware architecture, design, implementation for various real-time micro and mini systems using in-circuit emulators (ICE)
  • Top-secret clearance.
Systems Representative BURROUGHS CORPORATION, Pittsburgh L.A. Financial
(now Unisys)
Pittsburgh, PA
  • Designed, implemented, and supported software for various financial applications.
  • Provided customer/sales support for financial mini to medium systems.

Education / Training

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