Cliches from the Bible

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   (Last updated November 14, 2012)

In April of 2003 I had a chance to witness to a non-believer. My window of opportunity occurred when she used a common cliche "jot and tittle" in a non-scriptural discussion. I asked her if she realized that the phrase she used was in the Bible. She was surprised. I provided her with the quotes for reference.

That experience led me to wonder how many other common phrases originate, or are used in scripture. If I had a list of them, I might have even more opportunities to witness to people I meet.

Significant searching on the Internet and discussions with other sources did not provide satisfactory results. Then I talked to Pastor Chuck Smith on the radio program "Pastors' Perspective". He was not aware of any such compilation.

He didn't stop there, though. His next comment was an on-air challenge to me: "That sounds like a good project for you!".

That's how I started. As additional inspiration, I had just began a "Reading through the Bible in a year" program which had been designed by Calvary Chapel. As I continue to read through the Bible, I hope to recognize phrases and add them to this list. (That reading program is a blessing and I recommend it if you are searching for a plan.)

Because I'm sure I've missed some cliches where I have read, this list is not all-inclusive. I will update it as I find new cliches. I invite you to send me any that you find missing.

One issue in producing this list is what exactly constitutes a cliche or a common phrase. For that, I've taken poetic license.

So, I present this list for your use. I pray that it will provide you with new opportunities to witness to others. Please let me know of any corrections or additions you might have. (Email:

May the Lord Jesus Christ richly bless you!

...Mike Spryn